COVID-19 Resources

Museum responses to the COVID-19 pandemic are continually evolving. This page presents an ongoing list of free resources that may be of interest to emerging museum professionals. If you have questions, additions, or corrections, please email us at

Sections are grouped by webinars, online courses, and articles. We are also including general resources for the museum community, and a list of how museums are documenting this period of uncertainty and unexpected opportunity.


Ontario Museum Association 
Public Services Health and Safety Association webinar: Reopening Museums Safely (upcoming 12 August 2021)

“Museums Interrupted: Rethinking Museums as Inclusive Public Assets” (upcoming 29 July 2021)

Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums
“Developing a visitor-centred approach to distance learning” (upcoming 28 July 2021)

The Museum Learning Hub
“Technical Workshop 3: Managing the Project for your Website” (upcoming 27 July 2021)

Texas Historical Commission
“Basic Object Photography on a Budget” (upcoming 21 July 2021)

The National Archives: From Academic And Research Communities
“Deep Discoveries – Visual Search for Heritage Collections” (upcoming 21 July 2021)

“Exploring the Impact of Virtual Programs on Revenue Generation at Cultural Organizations” (recorded 15 July 2021)

GEM Northern Ireland
“Places for Recovery? Museums, Children’s Wellbeing and Covid-19”: A workshop exploring how museums can support children and young people’s wellbeing against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic (upcoming 28 June 2021)

International Network of Museums for Peace
“Digital Transformation in Museums Today: Connecting to the Audiences” (recorded 23 June 2021)

Museums & Race
“[COLLECTIVE LIBERATION] Disrupt, Dismantle, Manifest” sessions (recorded 2-4 June 2021)

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
The Future of Museums, Recover and Reimagine: Global Conversation (recorded 27 May 2021)

(Re)conciliation Working Group of the Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property
“What Are We Conserving?” Reflections on Colonial Practices in Conservation (recorded 26 May 2021)

Texas Historical Commission 
Moving from Theory to Practice: Doing the Work of DEAI (recorded 20 May 2021)

Mid-America Arts Alliance
Ready for Reopening: Navigating Messaging and Marketing in a Hybrid World (recorded 20 May 2021)

Texas Historical Commission
Exploring Social Justice on a Limited Budget (recorded 13 May 2021)

Board of Science Education
Collaborating with Communities about COVID, Climate, and Community Concerns (recorded 4 May 2021)

Museum Learning Hub
Technical Workshop 3: Accessibility in Digital Collections (recorded 29 April 2021)

Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium 
Adapting and Advancing: Cultural Accessibility During the Pandemic and Beyond (recorded 29 April 2021)

New England Museum Association
Facilitating Successful (Paying!) Youth Programs in a Virtual World (recorded 28 April 2021)

Texas Historical Commission
Children’s Museums in a Pandemic: Reflecting on the Past Year (recorded 30 March 2021)

Cleveland Museum of Art
CAREapy: Social Media Benchmarking: A Look at Ongoing and Evolving Evaluation Projects in Action at the Cleveland Museum of Art (recorded 24 March 2021)

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Unpacking the Toolkit: In Conversation with the Authors of “Tools and Approaches for Transforming Museum Experience (recorded 24 March 2021)

National Emerging Museum Professionals Network
Managing Collections Management Software with Sabra Gossett (recorded 18 March 2021)

Association of African American Museums
Black Women in the Museums (upcoming 12 March 2021)

REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM)
Presentation of the REALM Project Research for Museums (recorded 12 March 2021)

Ontario Museum Association 
Twitter 101 with Laura Pearce, Head of Marketing, Twitter Canada (recorded 9 March 2021)

Texas Historical Commission
“Succeeding as a Young Museum Leader” (recorded 4 March 2021)

British Council & ICOM UK
“A Meeting Place: Online Global Discussions for Museum and Gallery Professionals”, online webinar series for museum and gallery professionals around the world (recorded October 2020 – March 2021)

Visitor Studies Association
“Lessons Learned About In-person Data Collection During the Pandemic” (recorded 25 February 2021)

NEMO (Network of European Museum Organisations)
“Museums in 2020+: The search for meaning” (recorded 25 February 2021)

Museum Association of New York
“Documenting the COVID-19 Pandemic” (upcoming 25 February 2021)

Curatours & Historic Environment Scotland
“Innovating your approach to online audience engagement” (recorded 24 February 2021)

Association of Art Museum Curators
Digital Engagement Series #3: Ways Forward. Discussion of meaningful and relevant digital strategies (recorded 24 February 2021)

American Alliance of Museums
“Digital Readiness and Pandemic Adaptations” (upcoming 10 February 2021)

REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM)
“Project Update and Community Reflections” Presenters will share strategies implemented at their institutions, and the project team will preview what is on the horizon for REALM (recorded 29 January 2021)

Halton Heritage Services 
“Learn and Connect: Virtual Tours and Digital Engagement” (recorded 26 January 2021)

Ontario Museum Association
“Ask Me Anything” with Susan Maltby, co-presented with the Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals (recorded 26 January 2021)

Society of American Archivists
“The Future of Archives” (recorded 19 January 2021)

Association of Art Museum Curators
Digital Engagement Series #2: Practical ways that museums can adopt and adapt to digital methods of working (recorded 19 January 2021)

Texas Historical Commission
‘Let’s Meet Halfway’: Authentic Community Engagement for Local Museums (recorded 13 January 2021)

National Emerging Museum Professionals Network 
“Conversational Roadmapping: How to Advocate for a Museum’s Membership Program through Tailoring Conversations with Perspective Members to Join and Current Members to Upgrade” (upcoming 11 January 2021)

Institute of Museum and Library Science
“Museums and COVID: How to Use the Latest Research to your Advantage” (recorded 17 December 2020)

Fair Museum Jobs Online Conference
Week-long, free online heritage careers event (recorded 23 – 29 November 2020)

BC Museums Association 
“Zoom 101: An introduction and tips and tricks for this video conferencing platform” (recorded 18 November 2020)

“CatalogIt Presents: Connecting with your Community through Collections” (recorded 13 November 2020)

ICOM International Council of Museums
“Keeping in touch: 
digital transformation for museums in the time of COVID-19” (recorded 21 October 2020)

American Alliance of Museums
“Virtual Programming: Making Meaningful Connections” (upcoming 23 October 2020)

BC Museums Association
“Building Online Resources that Last: Digital Exhibits and Collection Stewardship” (recorded 14 October 2020)

Ohio Museums Association
“Virtual Accessibility in the time of COVID” (upcoming 12 October 2020)

REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM)
“Collections and Facilities: Caring for Your Resources During COVID-19” (recorded 8 October 2020)

Programming Librarian
“Getting (Through) This Together: A Community-Based Archival Collaboration” (recorded 7 October 2020)

ICOM International Council of Museums
“Capacity building for Museum Professionals series” (upcoming October – November 2020)

MUŻE.X – Shaping Museum Futures
Six international voices from the museum world discussing museums and their role in a post-COVID19 world (upcoming talks run October – December 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Ask Me Anything” with Irene Chalmers, co-presented with the Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals (recorded 22 September 2020)

Clore Leadership
“The Future of Museums – Perspectives from 2020. A panel debate and discussion on the future of Museums in a with-Covid world” (upcoming 21 September 2020)

ICON Care of Collections Group
“Panel Discussion: The impact of COVID-19 on emergency planning and salvage” (recorded 2 September 2020)

BC Museums Association
“COVID-19 Relief: Museum Assistance Program Funding Q&A” (recorded 20 August 2020)

“Succeeding with Timed Ticketing as a Cultural Organization” (recorded 29 July 2020)

Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists
“Planning for the Unexpected: Daily Challenges to Collections Emergencies” (recorded 29 July 2020)

American Alliance of Museums
“The Successes & Struggles of Reopening a Museum During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (recorded 28 July 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Ask Me Anything” with Sarah Beam-Borg. Digitally connecting EMPs at home with a highly experienced museum professional (recorded 7 July 2020)

“Small but Mighty: Navigating the New Normal as a Small or Mid-sized Museum” (recored 1 July 2020)

ICOM International Council of Museums
“Post COVID-19: re-opening museums around the world” (recorded 29 June 2020)

Humber Centre for Creative Business Innovation
“Culture’s Compass: How the Industry Keeps Beating. Two-day virtual conference exploring solutions and ideas for the arts and culture industry moving forward during this time of crisis” (recorded on 25 & 26 June 2020)

Association of Midwest Museums
“Reopening Plans in Actions: International panel with a special focus on managing events, exhibitions and programs in the reopening process” (recorded on 23 June 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Webinar: Planning to Reopen Your Museum or Gallery – A Conversation” (recorded on 15 June 2020)

“Striving Towards an Equitable Future: Addressing Systemic Injustice as a Cultural Organization” (recorded on 11 June 2020)

The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) and International Council of Museums Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History 
“Reopening Collections” (recorded on 9 June 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Making Engaging Online Projects (recorded on 2 June 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Confessions of a Museum Professional 3.0: The Quarantine Edition” (recorded on 26 May 2020)

Pass It Down
“Crowdsourcing COVID-19 Community Stories” (recorded on 26 May 2020)

The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
“Reopening and Adapting Heritage Places During a Pandemic” (recorded on 22 May 2020)

Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society
“Picking Up the Pieces: How Museums Collect in a Crisis” (recorded on 21 May 2020)

BC Museums Association
“Planning to Reopen – Consideration and Adaptations for Exhibitions” (recorded 19 May 2020)

BC Museums Association 
“For Future Consideration: A panel discussion about the future of museums post-COVID” (recorded 15 May 2020)

Node Centre
“Node Talk: Socially Engaged Art in Times of Social Distance” (recorded 14 May 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Digital Decision-making: Approaches to Online Engagement During Museum Closure” (recorded 12 May 2020)

“Preparing to Reopen: Strategy, Planning & Process on the Road to Reopening Museums” (recorded 6 May 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Collecting Community Responses to COVID-19” (recorded on 5 May 2020)

 National Trust for Canada
“COVID-19 and the Heritage Sector: First and Third Tuesday Gatherings of the Clan” (upcoming on 5 May 2020)

“How to Manage a Remote Internship Program at Your Museum” (recorded on 30 April 2020)

“GLAM Collections on social media: Navigating Copyright Questions” (recorded on 30 April 2020)

“Art in the Time of COVID-19: Part 2” (recorded on 29 April 2020)

National Trust for Canada
“Places of Faith and the Pandemic Crisis” (recorded on 29 April 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“COVID-19 – Navigating the Crisis: Federal Support Programs” (recorded on 28 April 2020)

British Columbia Museums Association
Virtual Exhibits: Engagement & Accessibility (recorded on 27 April 2020)

“Art in the Time of COVID-19: Part 1” (recorded on 22 April 2020)

American Alliance of Museums
“Lessons Learned from SARS: How Museums Emerge After Crisis” (recorded on 22 April 2020)

Ontario Museum Association
“Caring for Collections During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (recorded on 21 April 2020)

“Digital Fieldtrips and Virtual Content Education” (recorded on 16 April 2020)

Columbia Centre for Oral History Research
“Oral Histories of Disasters and Pandemics” (recorded on 16 April 2020)

International Council of Museums
“Impact, Innovation, and Planning for Post-Crisis” (recorded on 10 April 2020)

Society of American Archivists
“Deriving Value from Collections in the Time of Corona” (recorded on 9 April 2020)

Connecting to Collections
“Collections Care in the Age of COVID-19” (recorded on 2 April 2020)

Institute of Museum and Library Services
“Mitigating COVID-19 When Managing Paper-Based, Circulating, and Other Types of Collections” (recorded on 30 March 2020)


Coronavirus webinar resources

Association of Midwest Museums
Webinars and videos at home

Webinars: Leading in Crisis

The Institute of Conservation
Conservation: Together at Home webinar series

Node Talks
A series of virtual artist studio visits, curator talks and practical seminars


Whether you want to develop as a professional or discover a new hobby, there’s a free online course for that. Join millions of people from around the world learning together. Upgrade to paid courses for access to more programs and tests, and receive a Certificate of Achievement or Statement of Participation upon completion.

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers open online courses, specializations, and degrees. Hundreds of free courses give you access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. Paid courses provide additional quizzes and projects as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion.

Firefly Creative Writing
Firefly offers creative writing workshops and coaching in Toronto, a monthly snail mail subscription service anywhere in the world, and writing retreats across Ontario. Because of COVID-19, they’ve moved all their paid workshops online, and are offering some free programming and resources to keep people’s voices flowing.


The REALM (Re-opening Archives, Libraries and Museums) Project
“The impact of COVID on libraries, archives and museums: Resource roundup”, last updated 2 June 2021

The Guardian 
“‘The year that transformed the world’: US museum launches Covid exhibition”, by Richard Luscombe, 11 March 2021

The Guardian
“Young people must be at the heart of museums’ post-pandemic plans”, by Sharon Ament, 22 February 2021

The Guardian
“Vaccine Vials and a virtual hug: a history of the Coronavirus in 15 objects”, by Stephen Moss, 21 February 2021

“Brand licensing opportunities and museums – mercenary or an inevitability?”, by Tim Deakin 19 February 2021

Capital Current
“Night at the museum: How Canada’s history hubs are struggling through the dark days of COVID-19”, by Alex Riehl, 29 December 2020

“Nova Scotia Museum staff preserve province’s first COVID-19 vaccine vial”, by Elizabeth Chiu, 22 December 2020

American Alliance of Museums
“Children’s Museology and the COVID-19 Crisis”, by Monica Eileen Patterson, 18 September 2020
“It’s a constant battle to keep Canada’s museums afloat. COVID-19 has made it worse”, by Francine Kopun, 19 August 2020

Global News
“Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa to reopen with COVID-19 screening – performed by AI”, by Frazer Snowden, 13 August 2020

“Survey: How Museum Marketing is Adapting to COVID-19”, by Jim Richardson, 5 August 2020

Globe and Mail
“What it’s like going to a museum right now”, by Kate Taylor, 24 July 2020

Toronto Life
“Contact tracing, timed tickets and plexiglass galore: How five Toronto museums are revamping for Covid times”, by Isobel B. Sloane, 14 July 2020

CBC News
“Look but don’t touch when capital’s museums reopen”, by Sandra Abma, 11 June 2020

ArtNet News
“In a Post-COVID World, What Museums Do Outside Their Walls Will Become as Important as What They Put on Them”, by Madeline Grynsztejn, 4 June 2020

The Agenda on TVO
“How Ontario museums are documenting history in the making”, by Dylan Freeman-Grist, 28 May 2020

Edmonton Journal
“Foraging for the future: How museum curators will collect, and record, the history of COVID-19”, by Liane Faulder, 20 May 2020

Toronto Star
“The artifacts of a dangerous time” by Karen Black, 16 May 2020

The Agenda on TVO
“Can Museums and Galleries Survive COVID-19?” aired on May 15 2020

Museum Association (UK)
“Where the heart is: How audiences have shaped the Museum of the Home during COVID-19” by Sonia Solicari, 6 May 2020

American Alliance of Museums
“Lessons Learned from SARS: Experience from Toronto Ontario Science Centre”, by Elizabeth Merritt, 5 May 2020

Museum Next 
“How Might Museums Look Different When They Reopen After Coronavirus?” by Jim Richardson, 2 May 2020

“Museums and COVID-19: 8 steps to support community resilience”, 29 April 2020

CBC News
“DIY masks, hand sanitizer, street art: Canadian museums are already documenting life during COVID-19” by Leah Collins, 23 April 2020

The Guardian
“The coronavirus museum: how historians are documenting the pandemic” by Nadja Sayej, 22 April 2020

Canadian Institute for Citizenship
“What Lies Ahead for Arts and Culture?” April 20, 2020

Museum Archipelago
“The Future of Hands-on Museum Exhibits with Paul Orselli” (podcast episode), 20 April 2020

The National Post
“COVID-19 Canada: Institutions strive to record pandemic history through eyes of everyday people” by Paola Loriggio, 19 April 2020

Globe and Mail
“Going Digital Not Easy for Cultural Institutions” by Kate Taylor, 18 April 2020

Atlas Obscura
“How Museums Will Eventually Tell the Story of COVID-19” by Jessica Leigh Hester, 17 April 2020

Canadian Conservation Institute
“Caring for Heritage Collections During the COVID-19 Pandemic” by the CCI COVID-19 Task Force, 17 April 2020

American Alliance of Museums
“A Small Museum’s Rapid Response Collecting Project for COVID-19” by Anne Raymond, 16 April 2020

Public Radio International
“In a new MoMA audio guide, security guards are the art experts” by Sarah Birnbaum, 15 April 2020

“The Best of Archaeology on Web and Social Media (Lockdown Edition)” by Archaeological Analytics, 10 April 2020

The National Archives
“Don’t get trampled in the online rush: Advice for making archive collections accessible during the shutdown” by Jo Pugh, 10 April 2020

Know Your Bone
“Which Cultural Entities Will People Return to After Reopening?” by Colleen Dilenschneider, 8 April 2020

American Alliance of Museums
“Museums and Equity in Times of Crisis” by Andrew Plumley, 2 April 2020

Know Your Bone
“What Will Make People Feel Safe Attending a Cultural Entity Again?” by Colleen Dilenschneider, 1 April, 2020

“How Can I Contribute? Four Steps I’m Taking to Figure It Out” by Nina Simon, 29 March 2020

Artnet News
“Diplomat Nikki Haley Says Emergency Aid for the Arts Doesn’t Help People. Here’s Why She’s Dead Wrong” by Ben Davis, 26 March 2020

New York Times
“Museums Scramble to Document the Pandemic, Even as It Unfolds” by Ben Davis, 26 March 2020

Peak Experience Lab
“Empathetic Audience Engagement During the Apocalypse” by Andrea Jones, 25 March 2020

University of Virginia Today
“Write It Down: Historian Suggests Keeping a Record of Life During Pandemic” by Anne E. Bromley, 17 March 2020

Museum Computer Network
“Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources”by Lori Byrd-McDevitt, 14 March 2020

American Alliance of Museums
“Lessons from History: Museums and Pandemics” by Marjorie Schwarzer, 10 March 2020


Government of Ontario – Workplace Safety Guidelines
COVID-19 Screening Tool for Workplaces (Businesses and Organizations)

Ontario Museums Association
As the landscape shifts daily during the COVID-19 pandemic, the OMA is committed to providing information to support Ontario’s museums and museum workers to weather this crisis and recover well once it has passed. This webpage will be updated as new information and resources become available.

Canadian Museums Association
Enjoy the digital offerings of Canada’s museums while you practice social distancing. A list of online resources from Canada’s museums.

Field Trip: Art Across Canada
A new online platform that delivers art experiences with some of Canada’s most celebrated artists in a national partnership with leading organizations. From children’s programs to artist talks and workshops, these activities are designed to engage communities and support artists through digital platforms.

Culture Days
On this page you will find new ways to link to Ontario and Canada’s arts and culture community from within your own home – from craft projects and kids activities to live-streamed performances and digital dance classes.

Canadian Association of Professional Conservators
They promote, endorse and encourage professional standards in heritage preservation in Canada, and facilitate public access to conservators. To combat COVID-19, they put together a list of resources items adapted from the OMA’s website.

London Transport Museum
Contemporary Collecting: an ethical toolkit for museum practitioners. The toolkit aims to be a useful resource for people embarking on contemporary collecting or with some previous experience of the practice. It is also for anyone wishing to learn more about some of the processes.

Archaeological Analytics
They centralize digital collections and cultural heritage into three branded platforms (including the Archaeology Social Media Directory), making it easier to access, engage and support local institutions.

American Institute for Conservation
Resources were compiled to assist conservators and collections care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also include resources for individuals and small business owners toward the end of this page.

Conservation Centre for Art and Historic Artifacts
In response to COVID-19, they have compiled a list of resources grouped into categories like Advocacy, Collections Care, Disaster Response, Funding, and Professional Development, to name a few.

American Alliance of Museums
The AAM has compiled this guide to help museums prepare internally and externally for the broader impact of COVID-19.

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture is an online platform through which the public can view high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts from partner cultural organizations throughout the world.

Nothing in the Rulebook: E-Books
Forty-five places you can legally download tens of thousands of books, plays, and other literary texts for free!

National Trust for Canada
Recent webinars available on-demand. Topics include strategies for fundraising, marketing, and revitalizing historic places.

Ontario Historical Society
The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) has digitized the full text of over 2,000 articles and book reviews, making the archive the largest single collection of stories about Ontario’s history.

Curae Collections Care, LLC & Newfields
Long-Term Closure Re-Entry Checklist for Cultural Institutions and Collections Care Stewards

Using Zoom for an Online Lecture or Program
A Dos and Don’ts guide developed by Hannah Zimmerman, Historic Locust Grove, April 2020


Recording a Pandemic

How LAMs (Libraries, Archives, Museums) are documenting the pandemic: Resource roundup

University of Toronto Libraries

Oshawa Museum

Oakville Museum

City of Kingston

Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum

Region of Waterloo Museums

Guelph Museums

Peel Art Gallery, Museum + Archives

Lennox & Addington County Museum & Archives

Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Manitoba  

Western Development Museum, Saskatchewan

The Royal BC Museum, British Columbia

Museum of Vancouver, British Columbia

Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (USA)

Indiana Historical Society (USA)

Lawrence History Center (USA)

Museum of the City of New York (USA)

The Historic New Orleans Collection (USA)

California Historical Society (USA)

Continuously Updated Map of Sites Looking for COVID-19 Related Stories (USA)

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery (UK)

Museums Association (UK)

Digital Museums (Europe)
Museum digital initiatives during the Coronavirus Pandemic