Working Diversity and Inclusion Statement

This Diversity and Inclusion statement was written collaboratively by the current members of the Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals (GOEMP) Committee. It is also posted to this website’s About page. This statement is meant to be a working, responsive, living document that will continue to be edited and enhanced as time goes on and conversations about Diversity and Inclusion in the museum sector continue to evolve. These changes will be made to the version of the statement that resides on the About page; this blog post is meant to act as an announcement of the statement and will remain static in content.

Feedback is welcomed by the GOEMP Committee, and engaging in conversations both in person and online is also appreciated, particularly when done in a respectful manner. We encourage anyone and everyone to approach the Committee on issues and/or concerns they have regarding the museological field.

We would like to acknowledge that Diversity and Inclusion encompasses many identities, both visible and invisible, including but not limited to: ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, language, and location. We would also like to acknowledge that tackling a lack of representation in any field is more effective when this work takes place in an intersectional manner across all levels of a sector (both internal and external). We wish to state that we do not claim to speak for or to represent the wonderfully unique diversity of the entire Ontario EMP community. Rather we aim to advocate for this community and provide tools to enable anyone and everyone in the Ontario EMP community to advocate for themselves and have their voices heard.

Important, ongoing conversations in the museum field have prompted an inward look and provided opportunities to see where we can all do better. The GOEMP Committee will include a Diversity and Inclusion statement for all future recruitment and will endeavour to actively connect with the various diverse communities working in the Ontario museum field during all recruitment periods. Furthermore, GOEMP Committee members will continue to participate in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives such as the Ontario Museum Association’s Inclusive Museum Leadership’s working group and the Canadian Museum Association’s LGBTQ2+ Inclusion in Canadian Museums initiatives. We are eager to continue to help work towards a more diverse and inclusive field for all.


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