Elisabeth Meets With OMA Conference Programs Committee


Hello everyone, just a quick up-date on the OMA Conference Programs Committee! The Committee actually had the chance to meet in Kingston at the beginning of the month of April to sort through this year’s proposals, and the Conference is now really taking shape.

The Conference has been inspired by the OMA’s “Looking Ahead: Ontario’s Museums 2025” plan and the themes have been derived from its objectives. The (summarized) themes of the conference are: community building, developing new funding models and partners, promoting Ontario’s museums, and building greater collaboration within the museum sector the culture sector and beyond. Based on feedback from previous years, we also included more workshops and have a few pop-up sessions during lunch breaks that people can also attend.

For my part as the GOEMP Committee representative, I have been doing my best to ensure that what programming offers at the conference reflects some key interests of the EMP community. While there were no proposals that dealt explicitly with EMPs in the field, I hope that the selection of workshops and topics will meet GOEMP needs and expectations.

My visit to Kingston was brief as I had a meeting back in Ottawa later in the day; however, I was struck by the immense heritage community in the city, as well as the variety of sites and models of management. I can’t wait to explore more of the city closer to the Conference date.

The 2017 Ontario Museum Association Conference will take place October 11 – 13. Learn more about it here.