Will Interviewed by Sault Star Newspaper About GOEMP


The GOEMP Committee’s own Vice-Chair, Will Hollingshead, was interviewed by the Sault Star newspaper about his role in helping lead the Committee and represent the province’s emerging museum professionals, in particular EMPs located in Northern Ontario. The story was written by reporter Brian Kelly and it was published on Friday, January 27, 2017 with the title “Hollingshead Helps Lead New Group.”

Thank you to Brian and the Sault Star for their tremendous support and excitement about GOEMP! We look forward to better connect with EMPs up North.

You can read the article by clicking here.


Elisabeth Joins 2017 OMA Conference Programs Committee


Elisabeth Boekhoven, one of the GOEMP Committee’s current Conference and Programs Co-Chairs, has joined the 2017 Ontario Museum Association Conference’s Programs Committee.

For those unfamiliar with the preparations that are undertaken to produce each OMA Conference, there are two main committees that form to support the OMA’s staff members: (1) The Local Arrangements Committee and (2) The Programs Committee. These committees have new members every year because the location of the Conference changes annually. In 2017, the Conference will be held in Kingston, so many of the Committee’s members will be from the Kingston area to offer their location-specific expertise.

On this new development, Elisabeth stated (via email):

I am excited to take on the role of GOEMP representative with the OMA’s Programs Committee. This is a singular opportunity to learn from professionals in the museum field, and offer my own knowledge and experience to ensure the changing interests of the EMP community are reflected in the final selection of presentations at the 2017 Conference. With the help of Programming and Conference Co-Chair Diane, I will also identify programming opportunities that may be ameliorated or enabled that will reflect the EMP community’s interests. I hope that the end result will be an engaging and dynamic conference in Kingston that will inform, encourage and challenge any who attend.

This is an exciting opportunity for the GOEMP Committee to help shape the OMA Conference experience for EMPs beyond organizing its usual robust offering of EMP-focused programs.

We look forward to seeing what you accomplish in partnership with your Co-Chair, Elisabeth. Congratulations!